Post Abortion Healing

If you are looking for healing and freedom from a past abortion, please click on this link and fill out the form: Confidential Contact Request.

Or call Birth Choice at 1-731-664-8443. Ask for a M.E.R.C.Y counselor to return your call or email us at All calls and emails will be kept strictly confidential.

The M.E.R.C.Y. (Mothers Experiencing Regret for Children of Yesterday) Ministry is designed for women who struggle with abortion in their past, led by women with abortion in their past.  The M.E.R.C.Y. leaders have found peace and healing for their pain and want to share Christ's comfort with others by offering one-on-one confidential counseling and a 10-week Bible study called "Forgiven and Set Free".  Many women have found help, hope, and healing through this ministry.
The following poem was written by a woman who found God’s forgiveness, reconciliation, and freedom through this study. 

Ashes to Beauty 
From ashes to beauty -Your love changed me. 
From rags to riches -Your blessings bestowed to me. 
From sin to holiness -Your truth - Always. 
From wrong to right - Your hand lead the way. 
I was deep in sin, sorrow and shame, 
But You gave me hope to keep trying again. 
From the pit - a deep hole in my soul 
You gave me a rope and You took control. 
“Please forgive, O Lord, for I have sinned. 
Search deep in my heart and cleanse from within.” 
God heard my cry, for it was sincere. 
I wanted to let go of the guilt and the fear. 
My sorrow was comforted like only He can,
With words from His book and friends lending a hand. 
Lord, thank You for sending Jesus to earth,
To show us how to live and give us rebirth.
Now the beauty is seen - from the inside out, 
“I’m free at last!”  I proudly shout.