Abstinence Education

Our Birth Choice Clinics are concerned with the sexual health of young people in our communities.  Sexual health and wellness is presented at both Birth Choice offices through one-on-one peer counseling and group classes.
The Real Talk Program, is a fact-based sexual abstinence program presented live to middle and high schools, church youth groups and civic organizations.  It is not a sex education class.  It is information that gives young people the knowledge and the tools they need to help them make the best choices concerning their relationships with the opposite sex.  Birth Choice teaches that sexual abstinence until marriage is the only 100% sure way to guard against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Stone Covenant is a Biblically-based presentation for youth groups about the affects of pure and impure choices. It tells the story of two fictional people, the choices they made, and how that affected their lives going forward and their relationships with their future spouses. 

Both presentations are interactive and help students think about their choices, any relationships they are in, and what they really want in a relationship. 
If you are interested in having someone speak at your school, church, or youth group, please contact: T.C. Talley at tc@birthchoice.us or contact T.C. at 731-664-8443.