Clients' Comment:
"Seeing the baby's heartbeat was really a major factor in my decision.  This was a comforting experience during a stressful time."
"Everyone at Birth Choice was very empathetic and did not apply any pressure.  They made me feel comfortable and treated me like a friend, not a stranger."
"The overall care I was given at Birth Choice was very respectful and fulfilling.  It made me feel a lot better about the situation.  I'm keeping this baby."
"I got to see the heartbeat - I've decided to keep the baby!"
"I loved the service from everyone. it's the best. they are the best."
"it made me very happy to know that my baby was there with a heart beat."

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About us...
Several thousand babies have been born and hundreds of children are alive today because Birth Choice was here for their mothers since opening its doors 28 years ago. Beginning in 1989 Birth Choice has been offering life-affirming alternatives to abortion for women experiencing unplanned and often unwanted pregnancies. Many women over the years have made the decision to trust Christ as their Savior and many others have come to know the healing power of Christ's forgiveness for a past abortion.
Birth Choice is many things, but first and foremost, it is Christians demonstrating and extending the love of God to women and their families.  Emotional and spiritual support is offered to our clients throughout their pregnancy and even after their babies are born.

They learn good parenting skills and many of their material needs are met through our parenting education ministry called the E.S.T.H.E.R. Program.

Women and men who struggle with the grief, pain, and depression often associated with past abortions, are offered help, hope, and healing through the M.E.R.C.Y. Ministry.

The Real Talk Program
is a fact-based sexual purity program presented live to middle and high schools, church youth groups, and other organizations.

Please join with Birth Choice to help end the tragedy of abortion, one life at a time.  Birth Choice is truly making a difference in Jackson and the Gibson County area communities!

Pregnant? Confused? Already had an abortion and need help?

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